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Harburn Village Hall - Craft Fair Archive 2007


This annual event never cases to amaze, writes the under deputy Social Secretary, and 2007 was no exception. Here, we have a small village, or Community as I am instructed. Sure, the acreage is huge, but the head-count is low. Very low. And yet, year on year, Harburn puts on an event in which a staggering range of local craft talent is revealed.
2007 saw some fifteen stalls on display, and that's not counting the constant supply of bacon baps, soup, cakes and tea that the ladies of the SWRI were ferrying in truckloads from the kitchens.
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Susan Howie, from Calder Crafts (872441) as ever, produced eye-catching and
colourful patchwork and quilting, whilst Linda Brown's Kids 'N' Things (07741 091262)
stall as well as offering some witty hedgehogs, also caught the eye with its scarves.
It was good to see Jonny Hamilton and Alice with their celebrated wood-turning
exhibits. This display was greatly missed on the Broadshaw lawns during this year's Festival.

Helen Bissett (871378) was working away at her Pyrography - wood burning to the
layman - when your reporter called by. She had some fascinating examples on her stall. Equally fascinating were her delicately intricate necklaces made from knitted beads.
I had heard great things of these before the Fair and they did not disappoint on the day.
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Another regular at the Festival, Jennie Tuffs (Roundhouse Productions 872006)
dominated down-stage right with her normal brilliant prints and a fair amount of gossip. Your Craft Fair mole was particularly taken by the new cards and a stormer of a Calendar.

The Whittle Family (Funkrase 871040) were, of course, there - and in force.
Frank seemed to be doing brisk business on his earrings stall. And rightly so, for his jewellery is not only varied in style but always very reasonably priced. Sue, Frank's wife displayed beautifully-made children's and baby's wear. Just to keep it in the family,
Frank and Sue's daughter-in-law (Alana) was exhibiting her novel Dreamcatchers
again at Harburn. She also provided a brief history of these unusual items.
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Helen MacDonald (Fernside Crafts) was bang up-to-the-moment and her extensive display of varied Christmas Decorations attracted much attention, whilst Iona Allan (Hand Crafted 873073) drew the punters with some sparkling (and extremely reasonably priced) jewellery. Iona was a first-timer.Not just to Harburn, but to Craft Fairs in general. She intrigued your Craft Fair Mole with the revelation that
her day job is a professional fly-tier! She had some of her handiwork on display too.

Other relative newcomers were Marina & Katie Mackenzie who were displaying their
stationery and cards. This was their second year at Harburn, and we look forward to seeing
more of their beautiful work next year.
Irene Mulholland was kind enough to give a detailed account of the varied techniques used in her most impressive cards. Exhibits she
(slightly dismissively?) described as being moderately elementary appeared time-consumingly intricate to your reporter who was particularly taken by the fan work
used in some of the exhibits on this exciting stall. Quizzed as to how she finds the
time, Irene said that, with some of the preparation, she was able to work away whilst watching TV or having a chat! Greeting your entrance was the talented Ray Kew whose home produced wool hats
and scarves are a regular and much-admired feature of Craft Fairs. The attraction of
these exhibits to some extent obscured the cards that Ray offers. Replete with many a pun (Happy Birthday to Ewe being one,and quite enough too) these are, I should
think, a popular line. On departure (trying to avoid a sandbagging by the Raffle Sales Führer
aka David MacDonald) my eye was caught by a wall-display. Local cartoonist Wilkie had brought his trade-mark touch to the Christmas Greetings theme. Example: Junior complains: Myrrh? What's Myrrh? I was wanting a playstation! And there were many others in similar vein. Good to leave on a chuckle.

Not all was brilliant though. The new car park needs to be thought through in a bit
more detail. With no marshals present, parking was haphazard to say the least. Your reporter's chauffeur, unable to find a slot, was forced to back the Harburn Village Hall Website 1937 Bentley out of the area, thus risking a possible confrontation with the
many drivers who use the Harburn through-road as their personal Monza.

And so to the most disturbing news. We are reliably informed that there has been a serious and inexcusable infraction of the Craft Fair rules. Cakes, as stated in Law XIV Subsection LVIII only it was decreed in Latin, are not to be sold before 11.00
on the day of the Fair
. How come, then, that a ginger slab was smuggled out of the
Hall on the evening previous to the Fair? Questions must be raised, answers must
be sought, heads will have to roll!
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