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Harburn Village Hall - Craft Fair 2013

THE HT REPORTED FURTHER BRICKBATS for the non-delivery company craft 213 Hermes , and further bottles of champagne for Isobel and those involved in mounting the CRAFT FAIR.

The gloom merchants who predicted that the road chaos would mean a deserted village hall were confounded as, from the moment the whistle was blown, crowds levered their way into the 2013 fair in very acceptable numbers.
craft fair 2013NO GARDEN GNOMES and chain-sawn novelties this year - a pity - but plenty to attract the punters and a full report will be posted on the village website.

The Whittles were there, enthusiastic as ever and with some new lines in jewellery and really classy toddlers’ clothing as well as the familiar and oh-so-reasonably priced stock.

One young lady couldn't be cheered up even by the sight of Frank's goodies. She'll learn. Watch her in ten years or so!
Frank and family can be contacted via Funkraze on 01506 871040.
A couple or three years ago, tucked into an unfashionable by-water of the Fair, Iona Allan (873073) displayed her varied selection of hand made jewellery for the first time. The very first time. She has widened her range considerably in the intervening years and yet remains very competitive price-wise. I’d forgotten that her day job is that of a professional fly-tier!
Irene isn’t a fly-tier but the intricasies of her stock in many cases indicate hours of patient work culminating in a colourful stall offering much quality Christmas produce.
craft fair 2013
craft fair 2013
She was hugger-mugger with the woodworking skill of Peter West from Breich (01501 772279) . And I’m afraid I joined the queue of punters who were after his pen/drumsticks. That should keep a grandson quiet but second thoughts suggest use of drumsticks attacking his brother! Discipline? What discipline?

Jennie was there, of course. She held court in her normal area and mainly displayed the range of jewellery introduced some thre years ago. This time there was a refinement: some spectacular brooches and pendants made from wood bases finished with vereer cadged from various sources. Impressive! (872006)
So were the chocolates offered on Alasdair Macewan’s stall (239058).. This George Watson pupil was not in detention in Edinburgh but had stayed East to attend..........A CRAFT FAIR at which he was displaying his increasingly-celebrated chocolate range. Mum had been allowed to represent the CEO.
craft fair 2013The younger generation was in charge of Agnes’s somewhat eclectic stall. I came away with some fridge-magnet clothes pegs and another purchase which must remain a secret!
I also couldn’t resist the hand made produce of Lorimer’s Soaps in all the normal eccentric combinations. I fell for the seaweed and polenta variety. Smells good though.

We were just getting ready to sample the Bacon Baps that men kill for when the stock was substantially depleted by the arrival of Mayo's finest who had minutes before been creating further havoc on the local roads.

Not only did they make off with a light snack of half a dozen rolls or so, but generously invested in Wilkie Panto posters. Bet a few mystified relatives in Westport will be receiving souvenirs of Harburn from O'Santa. Nice gesture though.
Ray was, of course, patrolling her normal area with her accustomed expertly produced hats and scarves in beautiful wool from her own rare breeds. She shared with HT cartoonist John Wilkinson who offered a selection of his Christmas cards, many of which were decidedly NOT of the Ho!Ho! Ho! let’s have a jolly carol and mince pie variety. A particular favourite of mine involves Gosric the Goose preparing to meet his fate!