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Harburn Village Hall - Festival 2014


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(Photos here and in the slide show: Jethro (see below for web site) and Frank)

Latest news: Money-Lady Pam told the Festival Debrief Meeting that the day had made a profit of (very approximately) £1500. Down on many of past year successes, true, but still considerablly better than the poke in the eye job!

The weather in the days leading up to the 2014 Grand Harburn Festival had been a bit of something and nothing, but when the day arrived, the clouds slowly lifted, and by noon the sun was shining and the crowds poured in. True: the legacy of some sharp reminders of previous years provided the first major drama of the day as the box bringing the ever-popular ponies got bogged down and it required the skills of the Fire Brigade (and no doubt a mass of Harburn's finest offering their advice) to haul it out. (Photo: The car park was heaving)

As last year, the entry for the Fun Run disappointed. John and Moira had really pushed the boat out and produced some eye-catching posters solely to advertise this section of the Festival, but there were about the same number of runners as in 2013.


The Dog Show has always been a top attraction, and so it was this year. Below you will find a summary of prize winners and, as far as we can gather all behave themselves..................dogs and their owners. dog show 14

The other major attraction is always in the Hall, in which the Harburn ladies slaved for the duration. Some, probably many, were confined to the kitchen or the laden tables until time was called. Ashen faced and muttering incomprehensibly(see photo below left) they emerged blinking into the sunlight and only started to recover half way through the post-Festival shenanigans. Incidentally, this was, to my mind, one of the best meals ever and Thistle Catering pulled out all the stops and, in particular, produced a joint of beef to satisfy all palates. Return to Top

lilian emerges crowds by the hall

Mind you, the members iof the SWRI and those who assisted them may have been shell-shocked come closing time, but the Ice Cream and Burger sellers must have been wobbly-kneed as well. In the well-established traditions of the Festival, both of these best-sellers sold out by mid afternoon and emergency supplies were sent for.

As always, Sawmill offered its normal eclectic mix. The bouncy castle was well patronised, the games were as popular as ever and, of course, Jim's plant stall pulled in the punters. It's only a pity that the many who went on mainly to admire the lovely garden missed it in full pomp as it had been, some three weeks before. Nevertheless they thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

The Five Sisters Zoo made another return to Sawmill and, as always, drew admiring crowds and oohs and ahhs. The more daring among the visitors were allowed to hold some of the Birds of Prey and, once again, we caught sight of apprehensive looking Festival goers with equally apprehensive birds a-perch. This local zoo, to be found in Polbeth, is recovering from its 2013 fire and, I'm told, is becoming better and better. Take a look at the website for further information: http://www.fivesisterszoo.co.uk

Broadshaw also drew in the crowds. The face painters put in a shift to rival the ladies confined to the Hall. (See photo) They too were (for a second year) still at work when the bell had gone for the end of the last round. Crowds there may have been but takings were down on recent record-breaking years.

face painters 14

The Face Painters worked well past closing time........again!

Fewer visited the Art show and fewer of the pictures were sold. This is partly explicable by the fact that Jennie Tuffs - who had been visiting family in America - was unable to offer as many of her ever-popular pictures for sale though many visitors are now to be seen sporting her recently introduced line in chunky jewellery. Regulars may well have been disorientated by her appearance in the downstairs exhibition area rather than in her normal passageway boutique.

The Schools' Art Exhibition was as popular as ever and Anne reported much appreciation of the work on display. Visitors were very generous in their contributions to the collection box in the tent. Also to be found on this venue were Linda's Astrological readings (as in 2013 there was a slow start but she was another to be shutting up shop after the official end of the day). Once again to be found at Broadshaw was the Young family's Safari which they arrrange so thoughtfully each year and which draws a loyal following. Many of those taking part this year had joined the hunt in previous Festivals.

Outside, both the Livingston Fiddlers and the West Calder Brass band kept visitors entertained. The latter's programme was rendered even more enjoyable by the performance of the soprano Victoria Robb who attacked the demanding high notes of Love Changes Everything with confidence and great success. She received entusiastic appause from the scattered audience many of whom even abandoned their energetic games of football and badminton during her performance.

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Shelagh Steele was as busy as ever and writes: Here we offer wine, lemonade, coffee tea and gingerbread men; babies' bottles are filled [usually water for these]; a place to rest and to  reminisce.

We cover animal husbandry,   education, local history, art and every subject under the sun and put the world to rights. Several 3 generation families appeared and the MacDonalds who had the  4th generation babe with them. Grateful thanks to Bill and Joan for helping to make it an enjoyable   day and Vera who for once managed to be at the Festival which was nice.
swri banner

The View from the Bus.

Chairman D speaks............

Another Festival, another sunny day and another non stop Bus schedule.

The West Calder pick up was busy at every time, which when you add a run of Car Park to Broadshaw full to bursting with a Brass Band meant that the view from the Bus was some what restricted.

I saw a full car park, a few dogs, lots of people, a serene Broadshaw, a trapped Horse van, Firemen, and some weary runners.

My only trip to Sawmill was when I was hijacked as I tried to get enough time for a toilet stop and sniff Burger fumes...the hijack was not by lovely customers spending money but 2 WRI who couldn't be bothered walking and a Duck organiser who was in a flap, or was it a quack...

The comments on the Bus from the paying public was one of..."fantastic day"..."a real old fashioned Gala Day"..."see you next year"...

Another successful Festival and thank you to all the hard working volunteers who make it happen.

Jethro Sheppard's web site:



Thanks to Ray Kew for the details below:

Harburn Festival Committee would like to thank all who contributed to the success of its recent  Festival -  the sponsors, exhibitors, residents, friends and families, and  particularly the  festival visitors who made it a successful day.   Congratulations to the following   prize  winners.:Schools’ Art Exhibition Primary 1&2    
1st        Katya Cairns                 Bellsquarry
2nd       Aiden Mitchell   St Mary’s Polbeth
3rd       Charlotte Haken           Bellsquarry
Primary 3&4    
1st        Havia Finlay                  Bellsquarry
2nd       Cameron Hay               Mid Calder
3rd       Katie Heggie                Bellsquarry
Primary 5&6    
1st        Jayden Fairley              Stoneyburn
2nd        Murin Brown                 Stoneyburn
3rd        Callum Bruce                Bellsquarry
Primary 7        
1st        Julie Baird                     Parkhead
2nd        Livia  Szommer            Bellsquarry
3rd        Morgan Logan              Parkhead
3rd       Lauren Keenan St Ninian’s DedridgeThe overall winners chosen from the first places in each age group were:-
1st Havia Finlay, 2nd Julie Baird, 3rd Jayden Fairley, 4th Katya Cairns                   

5 k Fun Run Results

Neil  Robins – 1st Male,  Iain McCorquodale – 1st Harburn Resident, Ailsa McCorquodale – 1st Female. 
2 Km  Junior Fun Run
Dennis Raeburn – 1st. Duck Race
1st – J Boulting, 2nd – Andy Evan, 3rd  _  David Reay, 4th – Gail Young

Fun Dog Show
Puppy Class – John Black’s Finn, 2 Claire Douglas’ Bruno,  3  Joy Miller’s Poppy, 4 Samantha Sibbald’s  William, 5 Fiona Durham’s Murphy. Fancy Dress – 1  Anna Pittenddrigh’s  Ginny,  2 Joy Miller’s Poppy, 3 Samantha Sibbald’s William, 4 Jamie Reid’s Holly, 5 Katy Wardlaw’s Fargo. Cutest Eyes – 1 Jade John’s Mabel, 2 Nicola Hamilton’s  Gus. 3 Katy Smith’s  Angus, 4 Kam Tuxworth’s Ace,  5 Danielle Miller’s Poppy, 6 Christine McGhee’s  Bea. Waggiest Tail – 1 Jade John’s  Mabel,  2 Danielle Miller’s Poppy, 3 Claire Scott’s Bruno, 4 David Mennie’s Max, 5 Tracey Wickstead’s Mac, 6  Claire Douglas’ Bruno. Best 6 Legs – 1 Derek Martin & Bear. 2 Danielle Miller &  Poppy. 3 Mark Wickstead & Mac, 4 Lana Roberton & Holly, 5 Lauren Smith & Angus, 6 Gavin Barclay & Rocco.  Dog Most Like Its Owner – 1 Christine McGhee’s Bea, 2 David Mennie’s  Max, 3 Derek Martin’s Bear, 4 Fiona Durham’s  Murphy,  5  Jade  John’s  Mabel, 6 Katherine Orpin’s Jem  Dog that Judge would like to take home -  1 Danielle  Miller’s Poppy, 2 Julie Black’s  Finn, 3 Eric Dobson’s  Jem. 4 Katy Smith’s Angus, 5 – Katie Wardlaw’s  Fargo, 6   - Nicola Tuxworth’s Bruno.Eight Rosettes were awarded to those  dogs which successfully completed the Agility Course.