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Harburn Village Hall - Festival 2015

We expect to add a couple of paragraphs from the Vans and Mission Control, in the near future. FROM SAWMILL THERE HAS BEEN TOTAL RADIO SILENCE but we are manning the headphones and crystal set in hope.


The following news flash has just arrived from Sawmill. Message reads...........

The "Saw Mill" thanks all those who donated so many high quality plants. Contrary to the prior advice received, the sale did not finish at 11.30, it went on until 5.30, was cold and increasingly wet. Some feedback e.g. of the sale income, would have been welcome.

(Thanks to Betty I for this and we will look into the lack of information, which may well have been caused by your Festival Mole. The Stall did great business with some quality plants and all involved should take a bow.)

The View from the Bus.

Dogs, cars, fun runners, face painters, plants, burger rolls, ice cream, musical instruments, children, cakes, buggies, road closed signs, parking marshals, plastic ducks, fiddlers, fire engines, road painters, trees, bouncy castles...all flashing passed us as it was non stop on the bus.
Thanks to drivers, Joanna, Guy, Stephen and reserves Peter and Allan...perhaps another bus was required.
All those who travelled said good, encouraging words about Harburn Festival.
Well done to all our volunteers and helpers...if only there were more of us...we must start a breeding/cloning programme soon!


Unlucky for some, but not for Treasurer Pam who declared herself well happy with the profit returned by the 13th Grand Harburn Festival. Jeez it was cold though despite which the Ice Cream at one venue all but ran out.


Here are a few thoughts on the Festival and a selection of photos from Guy, Frank, Heidi, Richard and Peter. The FUN RUN (that brilliantly mis-named event) took place over a new and much appreciated course. It also saw an encouraging increase in participants. Neil Robbins was a convincing winner in what is therefore, for this year, a record time of 18.30m. John and Moira, the driving force behind the event, write: After weeks of waiting we finally secured a Scottish Athletics permit for the Grand Harburn Fun Run and that allowed us to use our preferred route (the complete Camilty Loop). With just one week of advertising we managed to attract a 50% bigger field to the event.  Eighteen athletes lined up at the start and were set on their way by our very own Ian Gillespie.  Ian’s company, Harburn Finance, had kindly sponsored the run.
The field included the previous two winners of the Grand Harburn Fun Run and Neil Robbins defended his title in style clocking an impressive 18:30 on the undulating course.  The first female home was Katy Slane, in what was her debut at the Grand Harburn Fun Run, in a time of 22:58.  In another turn-up for the books, the first local home was David Lunney in a time of 24:15.  Joe Ross and Guy Vernham also put in good performances for the Harburn Hares.
Our thanks to Scottish Athletics for allowing us to run the event and to Harburn Finance for the sponsorship.  Looking forward to next year when we hope to see some Harburn Ladies in the field.

fun run winners

The evidence of further successful Road Art activity is reportedi: This year's Road Art proved as popular as ever for all age groups who stopped by on their way to Sawmill. We counted a record breaking 152 drawings of all sorts - from dinosaurs and Pac Man, to Noughts and Crosses and even a crime scene (thank goodness we had some off duty police at the festival to keep us in order). New for this year and introduced for those who - quote -"You are not allowed to get paint on your clothes - or you will just have to walk home!" were our coloured giant chalks. A popular hit and even more fun to use. Sadly the ambition to reach the top of the hill was not achieved this year again, but we nearly made it! One little girl said: "Painting the road is awesome. You can't do this in our street." Pals Heidi Idle and Anne Shaw volunteer for this role every year....10 years on and they are still doing it. Exhausted but still smiling. Apologies to the white car which was speeding down Sawmill after the event which transformed into a 60s flower power mobile. Oops!

new barbie
run entrants
Pictured: Old hands tackle new barbie - The so-called FUN run starts

Louise and Duncan dutifully supplied a paragraph: Duncan was face-painting again, with Maeve's help. For every face being painted, Maeve was offering to do a free 'tattoo' of a frog, a bat, or a butterfly on their arms, using face-paint.
Duncan had to pop away for the duck race, so one lady stayed and painted her own children's faces. Duncan said she made a really good job of it! So he has a proposal for next year...paint your own child's face for £2 - a serve-it-yourself stall. Or he can paint it for £1.50! Meanwhile Louise was on duty in the hall and winessed the normal disappearance of cakes and goodies by 3 o'clock, let alone the scheduled end of 4.00.

Joe Findlay commented on a great day had by all and I have to say I consider myself a Caramel Cake expert…..... but the Village Hall version has to be one of THE best slices I’ve ever had if not the best…


Pictured: Local Electrician tries to remember where he left that screwdriver (left). The Lull before........(right

The quality of Art on display in Broadshaw - both in the Schools' and the Adults' section - drew much favourable comment. Scott Bremner was the overall winner in the Schools' Exhibition with a most unusual abstract. Winner Scott, as is traditional, declared the Festival open as had his sister some 5 years before - winning seems to run in the family. Sales were MOST encouraging and about 25% of exhibits were red-spotted. The takings from these, however, did not match the percentage since 'big hitters' such as Jennie Tuffs, Terry Quinn and Lucy Newton were unable to exhibit this year. Those who bought will have been well-pleased with the prices they paid with, as ever, Shelagh Steele and Alice Tait being notably good value.


face paint

Music on the lawns is a regular feature at the Festival. 2015 saw a quick burst from David Dobson who gave us a standard or two, but unfortunately had little time for some of his witty (and libellous) originals. It was good to welcome him again after a gap of two or three years. This year saw a return by the Livingston Fiddlers who have been stalwarts of the event since day one. They endeared themselves to your reporter by offering a double portion of Down in the Glen. Last year the Fiddlers gamely responded to a request by busking their way through by ear. This year they were silky smooth and an appreciative sigh was heard from the entrance way.

Apearing for the third time, the West Calder Band was greeted enthusiastically, in paricular Victoria Robb a vocalist who proved her success with high notes in Aspects of Love last year was no fluke! A further attraction was a most successsful duet with Bandmaster (and Dad) John. The Band appears to grow year by year and we were told that the twenty or so players present at the Festival was by no means the full complement. Catch the musicians if you see them advertised.

Probably one of the busiest of a busy Festival site was Jacqueline Duncan who did non-stop face-painting from the kick-off 'til the final hooter. Cavalry, in the shape of Victoria Pearce, arrived round noon to give a hand. Three hands is what Frank Whittle could have done with at times as he dished out ice cream and took some telling snaps. He was particularly popular with the participants in the Garden Safari. These were some of the few to keep anywhere near warm as they dashed to provide answers to the questions posed annually by the Young family. Always popular with a determined band, this was a particularly popular attraction in 2015.

Judgement hour

feeeding dad
Dad demonstrates mouthorgan technique

Linda McDonald was, once again, busy in the Astologer's Tent and Shelagh Steele was even more popular than ever dispensing tea, wine and chat in the kitchen. She inaugurated this tradition for the first year of the Festival and has generously provided both refreshments and her time ever since.

brass band vocals
You'll take the high note, and I'll take .....
broadshaw lawn
Dad organises Broadshaw lawn warm-up

We have just received a report from Ray Kew, organiser of the Fun Dog Show:

Harburn Festival Committee would like to thank all who contributed to the success of its recent  Festival -  the sponsors, exhibitors, residents, friends and families, and  particularly the  festival visitors who made it a successful day.  

The Fun Dog Show again attracted a keen entry of handlers & owners.  Some dogs however  were not as keen, but after being prevailed upon with tit-bits or threats – provided an entertaining show for their audience.  They came in various sizes and dispositions (the dogs) and the judge admitted that the line-up presented her with quite a challenge.  We welcomed   a few dogs who had returned to the “fray” for their second year.  One wee lass admitted that she wanted  to win a rosette for the family dog because her brother had won two last year. (She went home  happy!.)

At the conclusion of the Show and following  applause for dogs and judge, the show crowd dispersed to enjoy the many other Festival attractions, proudly wearing their new rosettes  -  the first  obvious stop being the nearby burger stand.

Only 6 rosettes were awarded for a clear/almost clear  round  on the Agility Course.  One  wee lad  was happy to take his dog around the Course after learning that HE wasn’t expected to crawl through the tunnel  or jump through hoops!  Our thanks to MC Neil who kept the Show "in order".

face paint

Cold? Jacqueline did non-stop business (again)

dog show

And I love you too.............


Congratulations to the following prize winners.....

Fun Dog Show

Class 1 -  puppy Harris with  Jennie Herries,  2 Freddie with Bruce Walker, 3 Maisie with Kirsten Harris, 4 Bailey with Louise Hardy. Class 2  fancy dress-  1  William with Samantha Sibbald. 2  Poppy with Danielle Miller. 
Class 3 - cutest eyes  Amarela with Mark Wicksted. 2  Forrest  with Helen Traill,, 3   Mabel   with  Jade John, 4   Murphy   with Roan Idle & Aiden Scholfield, 5   Luna   with Rebecca Harman, 6   Amber   with Fiona Miller.
Class 4   waggiest tail  1   Morgan   with Jess Simpson, 2   Luna   with Angela Harman, 3   Muffin    with Janette Miller, 4  Amber   with Fiona Miller.  5   Forrest   with Helen Traill,  6  Poppy   with Danielle Miller.
Class 5   best 6 legs  Poppy  and Danielle Miller, 2  Amber  and Matthew Miller,  3   Morgan  and Jess Simpson,  4  Maud  and Robbie Milne,  5  Gem  and Eric Dobson,  6  Rossie and Hollie Pennycook.
Class 6  most like owner  1   Murphy  and Aiden Scholfield, 2  Holly   and Irene Reid, 3  Amber and  Matthew Miller, 4   Bailey  and Caroline Hardie. 5  Hugo   and Stephanie Ramsay.  6   Harris   and Jessie Herries.
Class 7  that Judge would like to take home
Poppy   with Danielle Miller, 2  Maisie  with  Kirsten Harr  3 Forrest   with Wilma Traill,   4  Murphy with Fiona Durham, 5  Angus  with Danny Furing,  6  Mac  with Mark Wicksted.


The Annual Duck Race attracted an enthusiastic   audience of  “owners” & spectators,  cheering on 220  less enthusiastic racing the ducks. 

The Bog Burn  presented us with  a disappointing course this year with low water levels which somewhat hampered the style of the  outriders.   Fortunately  there were no reported  mishaps or accidental drownings.  It was a well disciplined field that observed the rules.  However, there were  two  escapees, and they   were reported  as last seen paddling furiously heading for the Almond!.  Our thanks to the duck marshalls who controlled the course and prevented any mass  escapes at the finish line.

Winner was  Duck no 160  owned by Joan Blanning, closely followed by  Duck no 58  (Joe Lynch)  into 2nd place.  At a comfortable distance   Duck no 206 (Nathan Gifford) followed  into 3rd place,  and  Duck no 15 (S Dobson) in 4th place,  led the remainder of the  field.  


swri helpers

There's a surprise, Diana and Jill manning a cake stall!
Ex President Stott

Breaking in the new Barbie (Pt2)