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Festival Archive 2008

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ONCE AGAIN HARBURN LUCK HELD AND, WHILST NOT THE BAKER OF LAST YEAR, THE SUN SHONE AND THE RAIN THAT HAD BEEN FORECAST FOR MOST OF the week, stayed its hand until as near the final whistle as made no odds. Further evidence of the enduring popularity of this event was seen as crowds flocked to the village and, yet again, fresh supplies of ice cream had to be jetted in to satisfy besieging mobs. The criticism of parking arrangements voiced by some in 2007 had been hoisted in, as Tor Whitie field hosted visitors from not only local towns and villages, but from beyond Glasgow. Indeed we welcomed trippers from seven-a-side country in the borders, who were making a return trip having enjoyed last year's experience so much. NUMBERS WERE POSSIBLY MARGINALLY LOWER than last year, and takings were also victim to the credit squeeze. Nevertheless, a good day out was had by many and it was really rewarding to see the number of families staying for several hours, despite the last-minute cancellation of star attractions such as the Exotic Animals and the ever-popular Pony Rides. . Thanks and congratulations to all those who spent so many hours preparing for (and clearing up after) the 2008 Grand Harburn Festival!

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Wilkie's Take from the Past.........................

wilkie cartoon from the past
wilkie cartoon from the past