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Harburn Village Hall - Festival Archive 2009



IT HAD TO HAPPEN SOMETIME, AND IT DID, IN SPADES. JUST AS YOUR FESTIVAL MOLE WAS BEING ASSURED THAT THE DAY, WHICH HAD PROMISED MUCH AT 11.00, WOULD MOST CERTAINLY REMAIN FINE, THE SKY DARKENED, THE WIND GOT UP AND THE KIND OF GREETING THAT MUST HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY CAPTAIN NOAH ENCOURAGED ALL BUT THE HARDIEST TO LOOK FOR COVER. Trouble is (as some gloom-merchant pointed out) these things come in sevens don't they? We've had seven years of plentiful harvest so..................but let's not go there. At the time of writing, with some significant income yet to arrive, it looks like the disaster that could have been the Grand Harburn Festival of 2009 has failed to emerge and, though the profit will certainly be down on previous years, the addition to Harburn funds will be considerably better than a poke in the eye with a sharpish stick, whatever that means! The Fun Dog Show was interrupted by the first of the deluges but was largely unaffected thereafter. Numbers may have been fewer than in recent times,but enjoyment was there both on the part of the owners and the enthusiastic congregation assembled. Click below for a fuller report and photos. Mission Control reports a heaving Village Hall. For a change!! Crowds packed into the building from the word go. In fact, from quite a bit before the word. The discerning were alert to the attractions of the goodies on offer from the Harburn SWRI and others: cakes, burgers, bacon baps, soups, tea, coffee and much more, were being shifted in truck-loads and the deluge, when it arrived, only seemed to increase the demand. Broadshaw saw a magnificent example of British cussedness as one family stoically sat out the first onslaught, munching on their picnic and refusing to acknowledge the squalls that had long driven others to look for shelter. Both the Schools' Art and the Harburn & Friends Exhibition drew large crowds and the latter sold over 25 pictures. Nearly 25% in a bit over a day. Pretty fair proportion?

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