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Harburn Village Hall - Festival Archive 2010&11



The stair-rods at noon experienced last year led to biblical rumblings from various quarters: you know - the 7 years of this must be followed by 7 years of that sort of thing. We'd had it so good for so long that future Festivals were bound to suffer. Cobblers! June 12th broke chilly but clear, warmed us nicely by mid-morning and, by Bacon Bap and Burger time the sun was strong enough to impress even the most dedicated red-belly member of the Barmy Army.The result was record crowds in all the venues. Unfortunately those involved have proved reluctant to sling in a report. And so, although word has reached your web-site mole that the Village Hall has rarely been busier, we have few details except those provided by Morag whose report confirms the busy-ness of the venue but who wasn't in the best position to comment on the activities at the Nerve Centre since she and the ladies of the Rural were hard at it and headsdown in the sink or manning the chopping board from early morning until the bolts were thrown in the late afternoon.

A security black-out was thrown over activities at Sawmill, although great things are told of Matt Pearce whose mic-patter, as a highly profitable Duck Race reached its climax, drew much favourable comment. The are rumours of another audience-drawing visit by the owners of the Five Sisters Zoo. Photographs by both Alistair Boyd (to whom many thanks for his attendance as a roving snapper) and Guy confirm the presence of some rather alarming predators in what we believe are the Sawmill acres. Good job Paddy wasn't aware. We view with disdain the claims that the top-level security clamp-down may well be something to do with another disgraceful bout of undercutting by the Ice Cream vendors.(see last year's report).

The organisers of the ever-popular road painting have presumably be gagged by the men-in-shades of Sawmill. However, the evidence is plain for all who venture on to the Brae. Another successful and entertaining Festival activity.

And so to the GOODIES. Those PUBLIC-SPIRITED and CONSCIENTIOUS souls who, with barely a reminder and only marginal threats of violence, kept the old fool quiet by emailing their reports within a few days of the event. Their lines follow. With thanks. With VERY GREAT thanks.

In summary: one of the most successful and well-attended Festivals ever. Well done all those involved. More details will be posted at a later date both here and in the Harburn Times.
Margaret Rennie officially opened the Festival and was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, by Olivia McMahon the winner of the school art competition.

From the time it opened the hall was a hive of activity and one may be forgiven for thinking of that old Burl Ives song which began “The buzzin’ of the bees … “ Crowded hardly describes the situation from opening time, till after the raffle was drawn around 4 pm and teas were still in demand.

In addition to the laden Home Baking stall, manned by Barbara and Jill there were 3 others:-

White elephant or my rejects are your treasures, courtesy of Irene and Louise. Next to that a table arrayed with all sorts of hand made things such as knitted goods, cards and book marks and puppets etc, in the capable hands of Helen, Kitty and Susan. Finally there was Sue and Dinah’s very successful bottle and tombola stall. Among all this the Rural (whose organizing skills were in clear evidence and who were responsible not only for everything going on in the hall but also for supplying the burger chefs with rolls – though these were sometimes so well hidden by Lilian that finding them took time) provided morning coffees, teas and lunches to the many occupants of 10 tables also sited in the hall. The kitchen staff, too numerous to name individually worked like Trojans and went home tired but happy after a wonderful festival day. MS

The slow trickle toward the Dog Showfield soon gave way to a quick dash as the noon hour approached. Some dog show entrants had inadvertently  detoured  via the burger stand. ( this year being located near to  the dog show ring.)
  The 7 classes attracted a near record entry with an interesting variety of breeds  and sizes – ranging from huge, middling, to small and miniature.

The Judge faced  a challenging task before her!
  The first Class into the Ring was the Puppy Class (4-12 months) and 5 of the cutest pups to be seen in any show ring. It was Mutley Elpic who was awarded a worthy first prize. The double act of Jola & Bacia Przyblska won the Fancy Dress Prize and the  Judge declared that  Sassy Baillie’s Cutest Eyes had caught her eye.. The Waggiest Tail  was judged to belong to  Meg Minster while the best 6 legs were worn by Bacia Przyblska and her mum Maria. The Dog Most Like its Owner was Chico Kerr, and the Judge declared that she would have liked to take Sassey Baillie home with her.(Full results below)   Class 1 – Puppy – 1 Margaret Elphic’s Mutley, 2 Janette Jawprska’s Isis, 3 Steve Pollock’s Baillie, 4 Stuart Pollock’s Deva, 5 Janette Jaworska’s Luca. Class 2 -  Fancy Dress – 1 Maria Przyblska’s Jola & Bacia, 2 Morgan Kerr’s Chico, 3 Hazel Pattison’s Mia, 4 Fran Bolton’s Harry, 5 Drew Pattison’s Rocky, 6 Eric Dobson’s Gem. Class 3 – Cutest Eyes – 1 Evie Baillie’s Sassey, 2 Glen Marshall’s Fern, 3 Joss Minster’s Meg, 4 Ross Baillie’s Joxer, 5 Eric Dobson’s Gem, Morgan Kerr’s Chico Class 4 – Waggiest Tail - 1 Joss Minster’s Meg, 2 Laird Robertson’s Dara, 3 Glen Marshall’s Fern, 4 James Herries’ Gaz, 5 Stuart Pollock’s Deva, Charlie Craig’s Mac. Class 5 – Best 6 Legs – 1 Maria Przyblska’and  Bacia, 2 Maria Przyblskaand Jola, 3 Sally Przyblska and Luna, 4  - Jess Simpson and Zxya, 5 Ross Baillie and  Joxer, 6 Errin Marshall and  Judie. Class 6 – Dog Most Like its Owner - 1 Morgan Kerr’s Chico, 2 Maria Przyblska’s Bacia, 3 James Herries’ Gaz, 4 Jess Simpson’s Zxya, 5 Evie Baillie’s Sassy, 6 Lisa Auldjo’s Noah. Class 7 – Dog Judge Would Like to Take Home -  1 Evie Baillie’s Sassy, 2 Julie Hancock’s Zak, 3 Janette Jaworsk’s Isis, 4 Ross Baillie’s Joxer, 5 Charlie-Ann Hardie’s Tan, 6 Glen Marshall’s Fern.  

Noticed amongst the visitors was  Alsation,  Zak Hancock.  Zak had won Best Puppy in 2007 and was revisiting the scene of his fame.   Meanwhile he has grown into a striking young dog, and we were assured that he has the gentlest of dispositions.   The Agility Ring operated throughout the Show, attracting  several  triers. The trick in achieving  a Clear Round rosette is for owner and dog to successfully complete  the course together – not an easy task with so many other doggy distractions. Gem earned a worthy rosette upon her 4th attempt. However young Poppy misunderstood the rules and had thought that a “clear round” of nil score would earn her a rosette! But she went home happy with the  promise of lots of help with  practice for next year.    Special thanks to Judge Mrs McNeil and family who kindly assisted with the Fun Dog Show...  also to the Visitors- both 2 and 4 legged - who contributed to the success and fun of the 2010 Festival.


Mine for 6hrs over the Festival Juliet and Norry's for the rest of the year. We did a great trade and visitors drank their way through 18 bottles of wine and 12 1/2 Litres of home assembled lemonade The odd cup of tea or coffee on the Saturday. Lots of coffee on the Sunday. It is a great meeting place for friends, neighbours and people new to Harburn to sit and chat and admire the grandchildren on the cupboard. Alice Hamilton even dropped in for a cuppa leaving Jim to mind her stall. I do not see much of the Festival from my kitchen but do catch up on news and gossip and many thanks to my helpers Margaret Hunter and especially to Joan LeLievre who stayed all day. SS

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BROADSHAW The crowds thronging Broadshaw's lawns and paddock suggested the record-breaking year that it later turned out to have been. They also demonstrated just why the Grand Festival is so worthwhile. An example or two: Example One: on scouring round the areas that had been most heavily populated we picked up two, just TWO bits of litter. Example Two: one family, which had spent some hours frisbee-ing, football-ing, and generally enjoying the weather and the grounds, on deciding that the time had come for a return home, spent some ten minutes rounding up all the equipment they had been using and placing it in a neat pile for us to collect up later. Example Three: last year a decision had been made to put a contributions box in the Schools' Art Tent (even if it wasn't always under scrutiny). Last year had seen a contribution of some £30. This year this figure was doubled and more!

Well over 200 puinters paid to view an Art Exhibition generally reckoned to have been the best and most varied ever. Jennie, Terry, Alice, Janice, and all the other regulars were joined by some exciting newcomers - Jenifer Whyte and Mary Gillespie in particular caught the eye. Christine Macdowall decided to send in five paintings. She then disappeared to holiday in Florida. When she returned a week or so later, it was to an ansaphone message that she had sold four of her exhibits and had at least one commission resulting from the Festival! The Schools' Art, under the ever-present eye of Anne Rennie, was also considered a vintage year. Particularly impressive were some exhibits from Williamston who were taking part for the first time for some years. This year (following the carnage caused by last year's deluge) it was decided that the Schools' section would only open on the Saturday. Typically contrary, the night was bone dry and there would have been,as they say, abso-lutely-no-problem.

Cheerful Jim MacDonald (yep,the same as declared in 2003 that he was going to close the door, turn on the telly, pull the curtains and ignore the Festival) spent much of the day in Jonny Hamilton's tent. Blethering? Of course not. Men don't blether, they merely discuss. He appeared to be greatly enjoying the Livingston Fiddlers who again performed to much applause. We greatly missed the presence of Ian Baird, the extremely popular accordionist who, sadly, died during this last year. Pity that roving troubadour, David Dobson, had another gig down the other end of town. We hope to have a report on this event shortly. The Ross family and friends did stalwart work. John, Jackie and Nicola dispensed ice cream for a lengthy stint (Greta Pittendreigh taking over and seeing it though to the end without a word of complaint). Ashley and friends face-painted furiously until relieved by Juliana Dorman who took it through until the whistle was blown for the end of at least the fourth period of extra-time! What with a more varied and most impressive parade of elderly vehicles and the normally smooth-running and cheerfully-chauffeured bus service, this was, indeed, a GRAND Harburn Festival.

Unfortunately the boasting about perfect weather in 2010 brought revenge from somewhere in 2011. A washout - the first ever - was recorded and we consoled ourselves with quite a few bob in the kitty and a damn good meal in the evening!

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