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Harburn Village Hall - Festival 2013

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festival 2013
Last year this site drew attention to biblical references to seven years of this that and, the, particularly nasty, other. What came down from the sky last year was to be just the start of it! Six more to follow! Well done the weather mole. Accurate as ever. As it turned out Festival Saturday was just about as good as it gets. Chilly and a bit misty early on, but as the time for the bell approached, so the sun made its appearance and stayed there for the duration. (Photo; Peter and Allan say a brief prayer before the onslaught).
festival 2013
New attraction was an event laughingly referred to as a FUN RUN! This drew a small entry, but the organisers, Moira and John, were treating it very much as a trial for Festivals to come. Their hard work was greatly appreciated by the 'field' and we look forward to a similar event in 2014.

(photo (l) John and Moira in action)

festival 2013
festival 13
Guy and Frank were able to grab some excellent photos for the evening slide show. We hope to use them to assemble a slide show on this site (as in previous years).They also produced some fine 'arty-farty' pics. To the left, an example. Bluebells in the Broadshaw wood are notoriously tricky to shoot. Frank took some stunners.
Local thesps (pictured rt), recovering from THE STEAMIE, relaxed with birds of prey on the Sawmill lawns. It was doubly good of the staff and owners of the FIVE SISTERS ZOO to bring a selection of their birds to Harburn after the tragic fire that swept through their premises a few months back. Visit their website http://www.fivesisterszoo.co.uk to read the latest news, which includes details of a price reduction and of a dedicated subscription fund in aid of the restoration of the Zoo. A really worthy cause.
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eric 2013
matt 2013
(Above: Eric auditions for part in OLIVER. Matt notes down parking offender's details) Broadshaw reported healthy crowds (not as busy as three or so years ago possibly) and all commented upon the number of children enjoying the lawns and, in particular, a zip wire that had been unintentionally left operational and was soon discovered by prospective patrons.
Also incredibly busy was a team of Face Painters from The Bents. Claire and Jacqui were sorely besieged from the moment the ref blew the whistle! They crawled out, exhausted but cheerful, well after the event was meant to have closed. (See picture right)
festival visitor

tent 13
road painr A Broadshaw attraction that first appeared last year, Linda's Astrological Readings, drew appreciative punters. Those who thought it was a matter of chuck a few tea leaves round and all over in two minutes, were quickly disabused of the idea.

Heidi and family were also hard at it (see picture) and the perfect weather attracted more punters than ever to the ever-popular Road Art. The brae has still to recover! In addition to the Birds of Prey, Sawmill entertained all sorts of games, the Grand Welly Throw competition, a busy Plant stall superintended, as ever, by the magisterial Jim
Meanwhile, of course, the SWRI were doing a roaring trade in the Hall. They had been one of the few attractions not to suffer in last year's deluge. 2013 saw similar demands and the celebrated bacon baps and tray bakes were soon doing a more than brisk trade. If the soup was less popular than in cooler times, both the Harburn branch of the WI and the Ross family in the Byre were soon cleaned out of ice cream.

Alan T was heard (at about closing time) mournfully extolling the virtues of 'Cold Drinks, last of the Cold Drinks..............sorry........Nearly Cold Drinks, last of the nearly...........'

Ray's Fun Dog show was as popular as ever and proud owners were soon boasting of yet another haul of rosettes as they sought refreshment - Shelagh had thoughtfully broken off from the social whirl in the kitchen to provide water for thirsty canines. We hope to have a full report on the Dog Show shortly.
end of the day
And so to the Duck Race and to the never-before- heard warning that it might not be staged. 'Why not?' I hear you ask.

Because there is a shortage of water.
You heard.

Turned out to be a false alarm though and the race went ahead with the normal accusations of doping, pulling, and sabotage. The winner, in a damned close thing, was.........................

Finally, many thanks to all who so promptly, submitted their homework and provided a varied and full account of the 2013 Grand Harburn Festival WSE are bring out an edition of the HT quite soon. Their paragraphs and a few more Guy and Frank's photos will be included.