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A fine victory at Tarbrax...2 years running...and our own Quiz Nite still to come.

The Golf Club got into the act, with their Quiz and Curry Night organised by Agnes Cosgrove. Hang on...there is a theme here...Agnes moves into Harburn and the Golf Club have a John Morgan Ceilidh, a Harburn Hall style Quiz and soon a Harburn Hall favourite, "Eastwood" music night...I look forward to the Golf Club Panto...that I presume will be just before the Golf Club Hogmanay...

Good for the Golfie, they have all been great nights...anyway back to their Quiz night.
The Curry was brilliant, and that, plus the quiz only £7...great value.
The quiz questions were of good calibre and the Quizmaster, although no David Dobson, was on good form.

Well, a Harburn team did not win, JW et al had clearly peaked at Tarbrax or perhaps the Curry had fried their brains, but they did finish third winning £20...which was duly converted into alcohol.
The other four fifths of the Provost Cup winning team of Intergalactic fame,(known as Farmers Against Rotory Turbines...or as we prefer FART) went one better and finished second, winning £40, and spending the winnings on Eastwood tickets for the 18th May @the Golf Club.
If only they had known that Italy produces more wine than Spain they could have had £80, but that went to Two Bitches and a Doug...unusual name for a team...but they were very clever canines.
Chairman Dave


There was a definite atmosphere of anticipation before the Annual Quiz Nite at Harburn Hall this year. Could this be the year? Could the unthinkable happen? Could Smarty Pants finally get their comeuppance?
food for quiz nite
happy face

Quiz-master David Dobson, who has carved himself quite a niche in this role, delivered an eclectic and well balanced selection of questions eliciting many groans and as many whoops of triumph as the evening sped by. Albeit latent sexism was sometimes only too apparent when predominantly female groups muttered about the inclusion of sports questions, only to be out done by howls of protest at a question about the preparation of vegetables. Come on men of Harburn – do you never watch Masterchef or, I hesitate to ask, pick up a kitchen knife? return to top

In his now traditional section, David played tunes for us to name, all relatively recognisable until it came to the last. Here a future champion , Rowan Idle, revealed himself with an impressive dance of triumph when he was one of the few to identify the theme from Bob The Builder. (ageism?)

smartypants prizewinner

Tension mounted as some ten score sheets were added and checked. Then, after a suitably drawn out pause, by one mark, Star Gazers had pushed Smarty Pants off their perch. Ray and Peter Kew, Pam Castledine and David Lunny had done it! Third came The Crafters and not many points separated any of the teams which was a tribute to David’s care in selecting the questions. Many thanks to him and many thanks to those who supplied and served the Tea.Finally, should I know what caused Not Quite The Calendar Girls to collapse in unseemly giggles at the Lady Chatterly Question, don’t even ask. My lips are sealed.

Words & Photos: Juliet

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quiz participants


guy consoled joanna ponders
Lilian tries to console Guy after another defeat is that where the donkey's tail goes?

On the wet, cold evening of Friday 15th May, 12 tables of 'keen' (?) participants assembled for this popular annual event. The noisy chatter was brought under control by stern Quiz Master Andrew Leslie and the contest began. The hubbub became a hush as brains whirled and heads were scratched. Half time brought a tea break with the much anticipated Harburn Tasty Treats on offer and disappearing fast! Then it was heads down for the Picture Round.

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leslie the chair
stern ref Leslie considers a yellow card
but  they didn't know
it's you alan, no, its eddie jordan

Normally when the answers are given out and points are awarded, there are impassioned pleas for alternative answers and half points. Not so this time, as the Quiz Master was adamant and no quarter was given.
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smartypants on tenterhooks
smartypants look a bit concerned but........
results sequence
high fives indicate another victory

All the teams were determined to out-do 'Smarty Pants' who have been winners for some years in succession. However, the results followed previous patterns as Smarty Pants were once again the winners. Second came the Langwhangites whilst third place was only decided on a tie-break as the Illiterati pipped the Unknowns to third place.

You don't have to be a winner to enjoy this fun evening. If you weren't there this year, do not miss it in 2010. A.R.
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2009 AND THE WINNERS WERE...................

smartypants again all eyes on dave

The strains of the theme to ‘Mastermind’ hushed a packed and expectant auditorium, as the annual brain power contest of the Harburn Quiz Night, recognised worldwide as one of the toughest of intellectual challenges, got under way. Outside the silverware-laden confines of the SWRI, this is one of only two Harburn events to award prestigious trophies to the winning team, so competition was always going to be hot.

This year, it was the turn of the Drama group to act as quizmasters, and well-known thespian, musician and wit, David Dobson, was in the chair. At the start, he ruled that challenges on the grounds of misspelling would be out of order – a wise move, given the near-riots that have erupted in past years. Indeed, David’s authority was absolute, and the usual nitpickers were silenced by his calm demeanour, quiet voice and envy that he could play all the musical questions live.

Five rounds of ten questions had to be completed if there was to be any hope of silverware, and by the end of round three – when the coffee break occurred – most teams still had smiles on their faces. However, questions on the natural world rapidly sorted out the truly knowledgeable from the rest. What is the only mammal with four knees? The team that answered ‘pantomine horse’ showed genius in their desperation, but their solution was ruled out on the grounds that it was actually two mammals.

The tension rose to its highest as the final papers were marked. To resounding cheers, team Smartypants carried off the winners’ shield. The Crafters took the magnificent cup for second place, while Les Quizerables managed a respectable third (it would have been better if the team leader had not been obstinate about primary colours, or if they had known more about the Beatles). Interviewed after their triumph, Smartypants put their success down to having two retired teachers in their ranks, while the Crafters – hitherto complete virgins where silverware was concerned – said everything was due to Liz. Les Quizerables refused to comment.

Another resoundingly successful evening then, with further funds raised for the Hall, a great turn out, and no riots.

chairman rules ok

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