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Harburn Village Hall - Burns Club 2014


This Saturday sees the annual Burns celebrations being held, extraordiarily, on the correct MONTH and, even more extraordinarily, the correct DAY!!! Saturday 24th 6.30 for 7.00

Please note the timing: 6.30 for 7.00 on Saturday in the Hall. Enjoy.

Yep, you heard it, 2015! The date is confirmed as Saturday 24th January 2015 First big name signing -- Claire Duncan (is she from Connecticut?) -- "A Yank at the Supper o' Rabbie," -- more details nearer the time.
HOT NEWS from HQ (17/02/13):
Some more Supper 2015 info for you. Duncan & Margaret Collin have signed up to perform again following their perfect  "To A Louse" presentation a year or 3 back.


burns 114 programme
burns 14 p[rogramme


Harburn Burns Supper on Burns Night...Surely not...
Yes, for the first time in Harburn history an event happened on the correct date.
Organisers Allan MacLaughlan and John Wilkinson provided another high class offering.
A Burns Supper to be remembered.

Before getting to the Supper itself we should remember what actually happens in the background. We sit enjoying our haggis and great entertainment but how long does it take to get everything in place for that one evening.

Much discussion and arm twisting by Allan to fill the Programme as people who say yes sometimes have to drop out and people who say no are hunted down over the months into submission. John does fantastic artwork, which has become more colourful and intricate as the years move on.
band playing

Anne Rennie and Mary MacLaughlan go into Dumpling overdrive, the love, care, expertise and skill that go into these will never taste better.
Jennie Tuffs transforms the tables with a bit of tartan, a jam jar, handful of flowers and her touch of magic.
Stages were deconstructed and re-constructed, tables were set, chairs were placed and the Hall decorated...all by mystery men that only Allan knows.
On to the Night itself.

There were a few changes to personnel and a couple of hiccups...due, I think, to the fact we had chosen the correct date.
Allan was interim MC and Addressed the Haggis... and Lawrence Fitzpatrick moved from Haggis to Vote of thanks to the Artistes... and Guy our Clergyman did the Selkirk Grace well into the meal...his is English and the Chair/MC should have had it in hand...and the Chair/MC was me!!
All this added to the evening.
David McDonald was Haggis and Dumpling Bearer, a Russian theme here due to reasons that may only be known to those of a Harburn persuasion. He was piped in by David Brown who also recalled us later, a fine Piper indeed.
Allan addressed the Haggis superbly well considering that the Burnsmaster...Wull Kirk was watching on.
"After the Haggis a Dumpling speaks" in the form of Lilian Vernham as she joined the long list of speaking Dumplings that Harburn has known and her "sweet an honest face" and rendition was "nae disgrace".
The Selkirk Grace, a break from tradition, due to raffle ticket selling, was delivered during our soup course. Guy will be performing the Grace over the next few years until he gets it right.

The Immortal Memory, the serious bit of the evening, was presented with many quotations, humour, also personal aspects and left us feeling that we should read more Burns, thanks to the great skills of Rob Pooley, Prof. Thespian and in his own words frightened Englishman. No need to be frightened Rob we loved it.
We had recitals from Duncan Hardie,( Willie Wassle), I have not heard for many years, and forgotten the fun and humour that Burns can offer...and, of course, the Burnsmaster himself...Wull Kirk (Tam O Shanter) energy and passion are the words that spring to mind...I think if we cut Wull in half...we wouldnt count rings but words of Burns...over 1000 Suppers, Harburn the 10th so far this old is Wull...I dont think we need to know, the consummate Burns man...a supper without Wull...unthinkable.

Toasts to the Lassies and reply from a couple...John and Moira our Fun run and relatively new Harburners.

The tone was perfect, not too scathing, not to sappy, although when John mentioned WRI my palms did get a bit sweaty...he also was shaking a bit when he made the toast...was it nerves or the fact that he had to sit next to Moira after his speech. Moira produced the perfect reposte...put us men in our place in a gentle caring way...we cant help it, we are men.
The Community Toast was Sandra Dobson at her best, an affectionate view of Harburn people mixed with the history of the heart of the Community...the Hall. She pointed out the Hall, originally a barracks in WW1  may be as much as 100 years old, we know from written testament that in 2013 the Hall reached its 90th year...but if anyone knows Sandra will.

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Almost forgot...the food from Bobby Grindlay was, as usual, of good quality and quantity.

The music...well, we are so lucky to have so much talent in Harburn and have so many musicians out with Harburn who are willing to play at our Burns Supper.
The home grown talent of John W, Richard DW and Terry Quinn...named as 20 strings, a goatskin an a wee bit stick gave us American/Blue grassy tunes, which their claim was Burns words and a connection to Abe Lincoln...seemingly the Gettysburg address was based on the thoughts of Burns...were they making it up? Who cares they were great.
John Lindsay and Ian McArthur gave a mix of Burns and other tunes...I have to admit at this point I cannot remember the names of the songs...I was in a state of enjoying the music while thinking what I need to do next...thats the MC role for you...what I do know is that they were brilliant...but then again they always are...real professionals.

We also had the West Calder Brass Band (Jennie T asked me who the green people first reaction was she had started on the Whisky early, but no, the Band were in green)...not all of them...the Hall is not that big...again lovely music that made a night to remember.

It was all summed up in a knowledgeable and eloquent way by Lawrence Fitzpatrick whom I spent time in conversation about his experiences in Russia.
Oh... the evening was held together by the  subsequent MC who stumbled through with bluster and a couple of schoolboy jokes...with any luck he will be ditched for next year.

Chairman Dave

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