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Harburn Village Hall - Burns Club 2013


burns programme
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This has been a WILKIE-WANLUNG production on behalf of HAMERUIN®. HAMERUIN is the diacronym of HArburn MEn’s RUral INstitute, an unofficial extemporaneous gathering of unaffiliated males with nothing in common but their wives & partners, on a sporadic, random and informal basis. Oh, and a strong liking for drink & crack. We are always seeking earnest new members. In 2011 we became registered with the Robert Burns World Federation of Burns Clubs as Club No.2068.

Programme cover reproduced by kind permssion of Wilkie
allan mclaughlan

Nae wee, sleekit, cowran , tim’rous beasties were to be seen in Harburn as drouthy neebors braved the element to gather for the Annual Burn Supper.Our resident MC “Dainty Davie” McDonald welcomed the company setting the tone for the evening by sharing tales of encounters with ladies in supermarket car parks the like o' which Rabbie Burns himself would have been proud.As dancing haggis bearer Terry Quinn ” jigged “ the haggis round the hall, Calum Power filled the air with the sound of the pipes.The Great Chieftain o’ the pudding race and its sweet companion, the dumping, then received their rightful address with thanks to Fiona Durham & Heather Wilkinson.

Stephen Durham delivered a humble Selkirk Grace and Bobby Grindlay and his team then served us up a wonderful Bill O Fare…… Warm-reekin, rich !With weel-swall’d kytes the company then settled to enjoy the evening’s entertainment kicked off by Dr Steve Sweeney-Turner’s interesting and informative challenge “ What is an Immortal Memory?” and” Why do we Remember Burns?”.
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Steve’s focus on Burns as a song writer and a collector of songs was refreshing and well received by Harburn’s many musiciansFrom tales of songs we moved back to poetry with Colin Mitchell delivering an excellent account of the creepy crawly Louse which Burns observed on a Lady’s Bonnet at Church.burns night 13

And staying with poetry no Harburn Burns Supper would be complete without a Recital from Wull Kirk. As always he did us proud as he offered advice on life in “Epistle to a young friend”. Oh to have your gift Wull … you make it seem so easy.

The Lasses then took pride of place as Joe Welsh jumped onto the stage with a spring in his step to toast the fairer sex. He focused on Burn’s ability to pin words to certain females and remind the men in the company of the key skill of listening not just to the spoken word but the tone, pitch, depth.Clainie Welsh replied on behalf of the Lasses and telling us that although Love is blind , marriage opens our eyes to what our men are really like but despite all their faults “ we’ll thoul them yet for aye that!”

david mcdonald
Some Tae-Tappin Tunes , beautiful harmonies and a right guid sing-a-long was provide by Unnemmyt, Tryst and Ian McArthur. Ladies of Tryst I have to say the bright pink head pieces worn during the Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede caused some right good belly chuckles.
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Alistair Pittendrigh toasted our unique community and rightly called out the wonderful talent we have in our midst. It is great to see how everyone works together to support Allan and John in making the Burns Supper a great success. To all the speakers, entertainers, chefs, artists, helpers and guests a big thanks for your contribution to a splendid evening. As most of you know Harburn Men’s Rural Burns Suppers are not renowned for hosting their Burns Supper on 25th January. In fact it has been held as late as February. However Mr McLauchlan informs me that next year they are right on the button.So get the 25th January 2014 in your diary and be ready to say “yes I could do that” when Allan comes seeking your support
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Words: Fiona

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