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Harburn Village Hall - Burns Club Archive 2012


On Saturday 21 st January 2012 Harburn village hall was once again the venue for the Burns Supper. Memorable as ever, it was a milestone for Harburn as it was the Supper's 25th anniversary year.The event was ably organised by Allan MacLaughlan with John Wilkinson supplying additional words, music and art work.Master of ceremonies Dave McDonald led the Call to Order and Welcome in his inimitable style, however he introduced a serious note as he shared with the audience his memories of John Pearce who instigated the first Harburn Burns supper in 1987.The preliminaries over, Denise Power piped in the Haggis and later the Dumpling which were borne by Allan MacLaughlan.It was a case of stand well back as Stephen Durham wielded a dangerous knife during his Address to the Haggis while Sandra Dobson showed she could serve up an impressive Scotch Tongue alongside the Dumpling. John Wilkinson in his clerical (dis)guise then rose to the occasion to rapturous applause for the Selkirk Grace.

The traditional Bill O' Fare was served up by Bobby Grindlay and his efficient team. The Harburnites then showed their appreciation by setting to with a will and returning their plates ecologically cleared to the waiting kitchen staff.The Harburn Men's Rural continued to show speakermagnanimity in entrusting “The Immortal Memory” to a member of the fair sex as Rona Smith demonstrated the female skill in finding new and previously unknown facts about Robert Burns. Men ...you have been warned!Mary MacLaughlan made full use of her acting skills in her dramatic rendition of “To a Mouse”while immediately following, Rob Pooley gave an intriguing twist to the traditional Toast to the Lassies” with a legal presentation in a court room setting and using poetical quotations as statements from witnesses.One of the highlights of the evening was the delivery of tryst“Address to the Deil” by Wull Kirk. Allan MacLaughlan then revealed that this was Wull's 1100th Burns public recitation and presented him with a framed Certificate of Appreciation and Acknowledgement from the Robert Burns World Federation.We are extremely fortunate to have the continued support of Tryst (Heather Wilkinson , Susan Thores and Liz Reid) who presented “A Trinkle O' Sangs” finishing with the John Wilkinson composition “The Sang O' The Whang”. Many have tried but few have succeeded in finishing the final chorus at breakneck speed!

Maggie Gray showed that Robert Burns is not the only Scottish poet as she gave her reply to “The Lassies” in the form of a magnificent poem. We males are fortunate in that our better halves have something nice to say of us at least once a year!Terry Quinn, Ken Murry and John Wilkinson then showed that Quintessence is more than a hypothetical form of energy with a lively brace of toe tappingheather tunes finishing off quintessencewith audience participation in “The Braes O' Killiecrankie”

The Harburn Community Toast was led by Alan Tuffs who gave a colourful description of the Harburn countryside and the local residents.The musical entertainment then continued with Ian McArthur singing a selection of songs. The formal part of the the evening was closed with Ian leading the audience in the Cornish National Anthem as a fitting tribute to John Pearce.Following a “Toast to the Artistes” by RD-W the celebrations were concluded in the traditional way with the gathering singing” Auld Lang Syne”.

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