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Harburn Village Hall - Burns Club 2008

A few thoughts........... Compèred by Allan Mac - Gordon the Blue engine behind it all. Our thanks Allan.
Selkirk Grace by Steven Durham to start us off thankful and thoughtful. Haggis borne by Peter K - an escapee from the Broons – whit a hat!
Calum Power the piper – grown a foot and a half since last year.
The “Address the the Haggis” – Jim M – patrician white hair these days - a formidable attack, no mere French ragout this!
Harburn – you heard it here first – an "Address tae the Dumplin’ " - sparkling performance from Mary Maclaughlan.

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What a meal – great soup, the customary hn&t and dumplin’ - wonderfully prepared by Andy, Dairy Margaret, Heather, John, Jim, Lillian, Linda and Mary. “The Immortal Memory” – again you heard it here first – was given by a WOMAN – wonderful, imaginative presentation by Sandra D making fine reference to Burns’s internationalist importance. Oh, and the tables had Jennie T’s lovely reds, whites and greens Italian centre pieces. Amazingly, Willie K gave his more than 1,000th Burns Night recitation - complete with cap and nightie - bringing that sanctimonious old hypocrite Holy Wullie along to the hall to remind us to live for the day and think ourselves no better than the rest.
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Two Burns songs powerfully given by Marcus S followed by his own blues version of the Credit Crunch. The “Toast tae the Lassies” had Dave McD incautiously seeking a handbags at dawn duel on a mysterious latin mountain top - and getting it in spades from Rhona in the “Lassies' Reply” - gracias mucho to both for the sense of sunshine and laughter. Three wonderful songs from Tryst and especially that beautiful other (better surely) tune for Auld Lang Syne. Terry – better and better every year - played a song or two on the fiddle and John W backed him up on bodhran (sp?) - didn’t know it could be played with such gentleness – and they’d also done the programme!

star of the show

John P celebrated the unique but strange nature of our community – how others see us included Alan T gave the thank yous and reminded us that Burns’s egalitarian verse was especially valued in the Soviet Union. After this, much drink and talk and milling about. Another great night in the Hall!