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Harburn Village Hall - Burns Club 2010

Nae wee, sleekit, cowran , tim’rous beasties If Allan MacLaughlan is to be believed, there are 22 tons of Rampant Male Flesh in Harburn, and this formed the theme of his Toast to the Lasses at the Burns Supper on Saturday 20 March in Harburn Village Hall. No-one knows the source of this and other statistics quoted, but some may conclude that it has been nurtured by the ladies of Harburn! Allan’s address was absolutely hilarious and he had the entire company rolling in the aisles!

Mary Kerr’s response was typically feisty, equally humorous, but perhaps less fanciful. Lawrence Kirkpatrick held the audience captivated with his fabulous Immortal Memory and even gave us a song at the end!

david dobsonThere were three wonderful Musical lnterludes, two of which were from Harburn residents - Joan Le Lievre and the local Cheeky Girls (Heather Wilkinson and Moira Petersen). The third musical performer was Ian McArthur who performed a couple of numbers – Dainty Davie and Ye Jacobites by Name. Coincidentally there were a number of Davies in the company – some daintier than others . However, if there were any Jacobites , they did not make their presence known. David Dobson Toasted Harburn reminding us how lucky we are to have such good Community spirit. Richard Drysdale Wilson had unearthed a root vegetable poem “to a tumshie” but it turned out not to be a genuine Burns but a Wilkie 24 Carrot.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was Wull Kirk’s famous/now familiar recital of Holy Willie’s Prayer. This was captured on camera perfectly by John Wilkinson and Holy Willie can be seen bathed in a heavenly glow as he says his bed time prayers.The MC held the event together perfectly, although appeared to become slightly flustered at the mention of certain types of surgical enhancements and almost forgot to thank the Haggis and Dumpling teams of Duncan Hardie, Rhona Smith, Mike Henderson, Robert Rennie and Piper Calum Power.heatherin a nightgown

A special mention of the Haggis Trencher…hand crafted by Helen Bisset, must be made…a true work of art. Following Jethro Sheppards Selkirk Grace the supper was provided and served by Bobby Grindley and his super efficient team. The food was superb and, naturally, every item on the menu had been toasted prior to serving. Thanks to all those who contributed to this very successful off-piste 2010 event.Words: anon o moose. Photos: David McD and John W

burns 2010
burns 2010