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Harburn Village Hall - Ceilidh



The Annual Harburn Ceilidh (Beryl's Ceilidh - Ed) was probably the best ever. It had been a sell-out for quite some time and several people were unable to obtain tickets in the days prior to the event. John Morgan kept us all in order which must have been, I suspect, difficult at times as people were, I think, clearly enjoying themselves.

It was great to see so many peole staying on to the end. Midnight came with a hard core of revellers still present. A sign that those present had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, surely.

The total raised for the Hall Funds was £755.55 - our best ever! A further report will folow shortly.


The Annual Harburn Ceilidh - “Beryl's Ceilidh”, was held on Saturday 10th November. The evening was beautiful starry night which encouraged those within walking distance to leave their cars behind. Within minutes of the doors opening the hall held yet another full house.

guy dances
The music was provided by John Morgan (see pic below )who was played with his customary skill and enthusiasm and provided a good mix of dance music with a great medley of tunes from the musicals. The Ladies of Harburn provided a wonderful varied finger buffet which wa very much appreciated by the dancers. A large number of people attended from West Calder, including some from the congregation of West Calder Parish Kirk. The East Calder minister Andre Groenewald gave a polished exhibition of ballroom dancing to an appreciative audience.
One of the highlights of the evening was the raffle. There had been many donors with one extremely generous anonymous donation of 12 items. The raffle raised a total of £183.00.The Ceilidh drew to a close at midnight having made a total profit of £618.00. Our thanks to Beryl Henderson for organising this popular annual attraction so proficiently and also to her many willing helpers.
Words:RD-W; Photos DMacD, J W.


ver the years the St.Andrews Day Ceilidh has become Beryls Ceilidh.
The reasons for this are 1. We have never been able to get the date anywhere near St.Andrews Day and 2. Beryl organises the whole thing and makes it happen.

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to have the best ever Festival...not the most money we have made for the Hall, but measured by the enjoyment of the volunteers and our visitors.

Beryl however provided this year, not only the best Ceilidh but also the most money the Ceilidh has ever contributed to the Hall.

The "best ever" comments came from regular attenders from West Calder..."We have come to the Harburn Ceilidh for a few years now...and this has been the best night...thank you"

Beryl reports that £618 was our profit margin...to put this into context...the Panto, which occupies the Hall for 4 hours every week for around 3 months...comes nowhere near this amount.

Dont worry Panto Prima Donnas...the Panto is still the highlight of the year...

Special thanks are due to the Ladies of Harburn for a superb supper, John Morgan for fantastic music, to all who donated prizes to the largest raffle I have ever seen and to all who attended and were so generous in the amount of raffle tickets they bought, and, of course to Beryl, Mike and family for making it such a great event.

Finally, thank you to the dancers, the Hall can be a bit tight but no injuries were reported...unless you danced with Guy... Chairman D

Sorry: no pics this year (2011). If you know anyone who might be able to help, please contact Norry on 871339. Thanks. Beryl writes: The 2011 Ceilidh attracted over 60 folk who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and happily danced the night away to John Morgan's music.Thanks to everyone who generously donated numerous prizes for the raffle and all who baked and prepared the finger buffet. It was good to meet people who have recently moved into the area, hopefully they all enjoyed the evening and we look forward to seeing them again at future Harburn get-togethers, Our total profit for the evening was £529.52, which will go towards the upkeep of the Harburn Hall.
David continues: Once again "Beryl's Ceilidh" was a great success on every level. Enthusiastically received, John Morgan and his musicians produced their usual professional sets.

The food, provided by Beryl and her volunteers was its usual high quality...and so much was provided that even the six Harburn gate-crashers late on managed to get a meal.

In fact, you could descibe the night as "just the usual"...but it is such a good night and we are becoming used to it, well done Beryl and Mike.

From the Village Hall point of view it was the best ever. I have not seen the final takings but Guy and I were the "Raffle Monkeys" and the final count was £170...which is amazing, I have never seen such an amount raised from around 70 people. As if that wasn't enough, not only did those who did come, contribute by buying entry tickets, they bought raffle tickets, brought prizes and provided the food as well.........so an enormous Thank You to all those who attended the 2011 Ceilidh.

Hopefully, Ailsa, who takes the Keep fit and Toning evenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (see the News Page) , will see a few more people at the classes, as she kindly donated a number of vouchers for the raffle.

The crowd were a good mix of local Harburners and incomers from as far as West Calder...in fact one Harburn gate-crasher was heard to say "who are these people?" (don't worry I know the gate-crashers did donate to the night)..."these people" made it a great success. Ready for 2012?