Harburn Village Hall - Litter Pick 2012

The 2013 Litter Walk was extensively reported in the HT. We hope to provide links to back numbers shortly.

LITTER LOUTS KEEP US OCCUPIED - Pt 2047 ----2012 report

WAS IT THE OPTIMISM OF THE SENILE, OR DID YOUR LITTER-PICK MOLE ENCOUNTER LESS LITTER THAN IS USUAL AS HE STUMBLED, CURSING, THROUGH THE DITCHES AND HEDGES OF HARBURN? Here, some of the participants relay their thoughts: Those plastic picker-upper devices provided by Council made the task much easier on the old back! writes Ray K A section of the B7008 near to recent forestry felling was littered with sandwich and fast food cardboard containers and empty drink cans/bottles......which may imply that forestry workers don’t care a shot about their work environment?
Within 24 hours, on a spotless section of B7008, someone had deposited the empty packaging of a family sized McDonalds meal. Most popular brand of drink can encountered was Irn Bru. Yes, the weather was kind to us this year. The temperature reached a high of 4 degrees during Saturday afternoon, maybe a little higher during the occasional bursts of sunshine.

My route was the dangerous Golf Club to Waterhouse crossroads writes Chairman Dave. Not dangerous because of the traffic but the danger of repetitive strain injury involved in picking up so much rubbish. The most popular item this year was Energy drinks...they give you so much of a boost you feel you must throw as many loose items from your car as you can...I even found a few bottles of Protein Plus for muscle building...so again dangerous, and this energised muscle bound car driver should not be approached by the general public. As I made my way back from the crossroads back up to the Golf Club I was a bit worried that the West Lothian litter lout had gone soft.............energy drinks, fags, KFC, and sandwiches...but then...at last... the Buckfast bottles appeared...phew...all was well with the world again.

Although rather cool, writes Chairman Guy, this was no bad thing given the exercise involved and the sweat inducing yellow plastic attire required by health & safety. Over 16 residents came to the Hall on Saturday to select their routes and a substantial handful of others did some picking at other times. As ever the quantity of rubbish is a sad reflection on the behaviour of some and the appearance of new litter within 24 hours is infuriating. It is disgraceful that there is a need to do this, but thanks to everyone who took part and to West Lothian Council for their support. As has been observed before, the bright and warmish weather again made an rage-inducing task just that bit more bearable. Yes, the weather and a sizeable dollop of righteous indignation as well!

David Dobson wrote a telling piece that arrived just after the HT had gone to press: This year was the first time I have experienced snow whilst on the litter walk, along with a number of other unusual finds. As I arrived somewhat tardy, I was left with the gruelling waterhouse to Parkhall shift where the cars can fly past at great speed. Whilst the majority of the litter (over 50%) was of MacDonald origin (the fast food chain - not David and Linda!) there were a number of significant other finds. Not far from the bench at the waterhouse crossroads I made the nauseating discovery of ten gallons of rotten eggs in industrial containers which were unapproachable at first. I stopped for a cigarette to deaden my sense of smell and was then able to safely move them to the pick up point without vomiting! Not far from these was a condom and a copy of "Unto the manor porn" - presumably an unwanted gift? Finally there was a poor dead sheep in one of the fields near Roesevale. There must be a story connecting these unusual finds, but I can only guess at it and leave it to your own imagination....... The vast proliferation of McDonalds litter has led my to begin a boycott of their "resturaunts" on which you are all welcome to join me. I had considered writing a letter to McDonalds about ways they could reduce their litter and be more enviromentally considerate, but I would doubt it would do any good as the boss is a clown!