Harburn Village Hall - SWRI Archive 06-08


Photos: David McDonald
SUCH IS THE PULLING POWER OF SWRI DRAMA that extra chairs had to be brought in on March 23rd, when the group which had competed for the Anstruther Gray Trophy and other glitterati of the local scene treated us to a grand evening's entertainment.
I hope that when I end up in a home, I shall have as kind and understanding a Matron as Linda McDonald and that there will be as much gossip,and intrigue to pass the time. Morag Stott was so convincing as a 'sweet old lady' that, although the dénoument was inevitable (indeed, were there to be no 'surprise' in such plays, it would be all the more surprising!) the final outburst was splendidly shocking. If she did not always pull the wool over Sandra Dobson's eyes - but then who can, ever? - she had the more gullible characters, played by Mary McLaughlan and Rona Smith in the palm of her hand. entertainment 08 After such gruesome goings-on, we relaxed and enjoyed Joan le Lievre's entertaining poetry readings and were moved both to laughter and tears by Tryst's selections from their recent CD, 'Companions' (priced at £10 and highly recommended). Our thanks to Heather Wilkinson, Susan Thores and Liz Reid for singing so beautifully for us. David Dobson was then instructed by Isobel McChesney to keep us entertained with music for 15 minutes as the 'sausage rolls needed at least that long to cook'. It certainly didn't seem like that long to the audience who were thoroughly enjoying themselves, but we did feel a little sorry for David as the 15 minutes lengthened to 20 and..............However, he rose to the challenge with panache. The food, supplied by members of the SWRI, was delicious and we were reasonably disclined in taking our turn. Those of us at the wrong end of the queue, needn't have worried. There was plenty for all to round off another wonderful Harburn event. With the raffle, which raised £128, a grand total of £463 will go, after expenses, to the SWRI chosen charity, Fund a Farm.

May Day in Harburn Hall

May Day saw the Harburn WRI hosting a coffee morning to celebrate the SWRI's 90th Birthday, writes Gillian Drysdale-Wilson. Members from several WRIs attended to enjoy our excellent display of members' work: from woodwork, art, découpage and photography to handmade jewellery, cards and pottery, crewel work, knitting and patchwork. Bellsquarry also contributed a small display. Around midday Peggy Kinniburgh, Helen Baxter and Margaret Mackay arrived with the Rural Flag. Susan Howie said a few words to celebrate the occasion after which Margaret Mackay gave us an update on the flag's progress around Scotland, including its visit to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood. Throughout the day, there was the usual tea, coffee and home baked delights with home made soup for lunch. Shelagh Steele took many photos to give us an official record of such a special day.
Scenes from the May Day celebrations. Photos by Shelagh Steele and Juliet Boulting. From top left: 1. The Flag displayed. 2. The Oldest and the Youngest member present. 3.Home Bakes as popular as usual. 4. Crafts 5.Meanwhile the Men get on with Men's Work! 6. & 7. Crafts on Display. 6.. The Assembled Company.



Pictured : Hon. President Margaret Rennie does the honours.

81 years old and the SWRI celebrated its anniversary in true Harburn style.

Before the delicious meal catered by Appletons, the Annual trophies were presented by Helen Baxter, the Midlothian Federation President.

Below: The stunning Birthday cake created by Jean Brash.

Sandra Dobson was awarded the points cup. The award for Flower of the Month went to Isobel McChesney and Morag Stott's shortbread fingers secured her the Beth Garnet Salver.


Above: All the Usual Suspects!

Despite the huge amount we had eaten, the final touch being Jean Brash's wonderful Birthday Cake, we were able to enjoy some lively games organised by Sandra Dobson and Joanna Pearce.

We now look forward to another year's activities.



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