Harburn Village Hall - SWRI 2018

SWRI October/November 2018 to January 2019

Porridge Champion Stirs Things Up
Our November meeting was a very enjoyable talk and demonstration by Neil Robertson from the Tannochbrae Tearooms, Auchtermuchty.  Neil told us how he had the idea of a double sided spoon for mixing his ingredients, to reduce wastage of his mix when sticking to the bowl of the traditional spoon, allowing the mixture to slip off more easily.  Neil talked about the process from idea to finished product, how he got his idea patented, having a prototype made, locating a production company in China, shipping, transportation within the UK, to sale of his unique product.  Neil's first order was for 18000 sets of his spoons, he is now selling from his third delivery.

Neil enters the World Porridge Championships most years, winning the title in 2010.  The following year he was the winner of the World Speciality Porridge Championships.  In 2013 Neil won the World Jam Championship, and in 2014 he won the Cullen Skink Championship.  He has also entered Porridge making competitions in Sweden, and now judges the Porridge Championships there.  Neil is currently collaborating on a book about porridge.

Following his talk, members tasted the porridge he had made during his talk which was made from Pinwheel Oatmeal, Flax Seed, Cranberries and Prunes, with one part orange juice and two parts water added for the fluid.  He served it with Creme Fraiche.

Competitions winners.

2 Flapjacks:  1st Sandra Dobson,  2nd Isobel McChesney, 3rd Juliet Boulting.
FOM:  1st Helen Bissett, 2nd Isobel McChesney, 3rd Susan Howie.


Midlothian Federation Show success

At the recent Midlothian Federation Show, 5 members took part in the composite entry, Isobel, Helen Bissett, Susan, Evelyn, and Claire.  Our entry was awarded 1st place, with 132.5 points from 140 points maximum.
5 members entered the individual competitions, Sandra, Morag, Susan, Helen Bissett, and Sue, covering all four categories (Handcrafts, Cookery, Floral Art, and Education/Miscellaneous), gaining:-
4 X 1st place, 2 X 2nd place, 5 X 3rd place, 3 X Very Highly Commended, 1 Highly Commended, and 1 Commended.

Cups and Trophies.

DAMHEAD CUP for the institute with the highest overall points in Stewart and Bowman  composite competition.
STEWART CUP for the institute with the highest points in three handcraft articles in the composite entry.
We shared the LAMBIE ROSE BIWL with Leith Institute, for the second highest points in the Bowman Cup composite entry.

Helen Bissett won the HANDCRAFT GUILD INDIVIDUAL SALVER for her Painted Tile, Class 1.
Susan won the HANDCRAFT GUILD COMMITTEE CUP for her Tablet Cover, Class 3.
Sandra won the LARMOUR TROPHY  for her 5 Flower Heads in a fishbowl, Class 34.

fed show

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If you love singing for sheer fun without pressure to perform in public The Saturday Singers are for you. Led by Carolyn Hamilton a group of ladies meets on the second Saturday of the month in Harburn Village Hall to enjoy learning a variety of songs from traditional, through musicals to classical. Most of us would not claim to be singers, (I was always asked to mime the words at school when we entered the local music festival) but encouraged by Carolyn who gently makes demands I have discovered that I CAN sing.

The next meetings are on October 6, November 10, December 8, January 6 from 11am until 1pm.
Our sessions are great fun and you get a Saturday Singer pencil AND cake and coffee all for a fiver. If you would like any more details contact me on julietboul@aol.com or Carolyn on c.murrayhamilton@btinternet.com

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We had two guest speakers at our October meeting, Alex Kemp, puppy trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Chris Morris, guide dog owner.

Alex gave a very informative talk about Guide Dogs for the Blind, and was accompanied by his wife Frances and their puppy in training Tess.  Tess is their fourth puppy in training, and has been with them since she was 7weeks old, she will stay with them until she is approx' 2years old, for socialisation training, before going to a centre for further training.  Following this training, the guide dogs are matched with a blind/partially blind person,  they will both then go through training together.  Alex told us that the cost of training a guide dog for the blind is over £40,.000.

dogs for blind meeting


Chris spoke about what it means to have her dog.  Annie has been with Chris for 1 year, and living in the centre of Edinburgh, which as we all know is a very busy city, Chris feels that having Annie with her, she has been given her independence back.

blind dogs talk


Both dogs were very well behaved, following the talks we were allowed to make a fuss of the dogs.


The September meeting was our AGM,  two committee members were retiring from office, leaving vacant positions, which were duly filled.  Following a slight shuffle of the committee members, the committee for the forthcoming year is as follows:
President - Susan Howie
Vice President - Sandra Dobson
Secretary - Isobel McChesney
Treasurer - Helen Bissett
H & H co-ordinator - Ray Kew
Social Secretary - Beryl Henderson
Press Secretary/Social media - Sue Whittle

Following the AGM we enjoyed an evening of painting on stones, led by member Sarah Thomson. NOTE: Further news harburn swri facebook area
Thanks to SUE WHITTLE for her help.
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swri stones swri stones
swri stones swri stones

SWRI: Diamond Wedding Congratulations.

Congratulations to Margaret and David Rennie who recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary at Crieff Hydro Hotel with their family. 

Their family put together a binder of photo's and memories for their 25th Wedding Anniversary, which has been added to at each significant anniversary. 

They were surprised and thrilled to receive a card from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, congratulating them on their diamond anniversary.

Margaret and Davy - as he is better known - were married on Wednesday 30th July 1958 at St Johns Church, Mid Street, Bathgate.  This date had been chosen to fit in with the hay harvest, unfortunately the weather had other ideas that year, and the hay wasn't ready, and, was still not fully ready by their return from honeymoon.

rennie anniversary
remnnie anniversary 1 rennie anniversary
rennie anniversary rennie anniversary

Margaret's Aunt Peggy was a big help to her whilst planning for the big day, accompanying her to look at and finally choose her wedding dress, fulfilling the role of 'Mother of the Bride'.  Sadly Margaret's mother had passed away during her teenage years.

Group photo: From left to right - Mrs Rennie, Mr Rennie, Robert Rennie, Anne ( Margaret's sister), Margaret's niece Margaret ( in front of Davy), Jimmy Rennie, Margaret's cousin Margaret, Mr Russell ( Margaret's father), Margaret's Aunt Peggy.

Margaret and Davy's wedding cake was made by Grants the bakers, West Calder, and beautifully decorated by Margaret Crombie, manageress of the bakery.
Margaret and Davy spent their wedding night at Carfraemill Hotel, Lauder, - still a  very popular wedding venue - before traveling down to London to fly to Geneva for their honeymoon.
Margaret and Davy have remained in West Calder all their married life, living in the old dairy building, Kirkgate,  moving to their present house in the 1970's

annual meal 18 annual leal 2

On Monday 3rd September, 19 members of Harburn 'Rural' met at Harburn Golf Club for the annual meal prior to the new session commencing on Monday 10th September, writes Secretary Sue Whittle

 President Isobel welcomed everyone, reminding members of the AGM on Monday 10th, informing members that unfortunately, due to an administrative mishap Harburn Rural will not have a representative at the Triennial conference.

Congratulations were given to Honorary President Margaret Rennie and husband Davy, who recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Congratulations were also given to member Claire Thompson, who brought along her bronze medal won in July/August whilst taking part in the Masters Hockey World Cup held in Spain. Claire is a member of the Scottish Masters Hockey team. NOTE: Further news harburn swri facebook area

claire thompson

Claire with medal won in Spain


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