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Updates received by the WCHCC Roads Group from representatives of the Windfarms.

Pearie Law Update
·         Turbine and Electrical works are almost complete with only minor works being carried out until we have grid connection Sept/Oct.
·         Timber extraction continues with good progress, the aim for completion being Sept/Oct similar to the grid connection.
·         I&H Brown (civil contractor) have recently ducted along the U40 verge from site entrance to junction across from Mr Bertram farm.  As we touched on in the previous meeting our plan is to finish reinstatement of this road after all timber has been extracted to ensure we are leaving the road in the best condition possible.  As this road has took a heavy beating from the site traffic we not only plan to provide a complete surfacing of the road but also the construction of some passing places to improve the road (especially at the blind summit) in addition to appropriate seeding of the verge. Steve Jones has been assisting us with the detail here and we will continue to work with him on the matter.
·         Except from the U40 point above and some street lighting work at Brucefield Industrial Estate (waiting for bridge to open in order to get road closure) all off-site reinstatement is complete.

Uupdate from the Harburnhead site
       Turbine erection and mechanical completion past the half way mark (11 turbines up);
·         Control building wind and watertight, with electrical fitout ongoing;
·         Four turbine bases and one meteorological mast left to pour;
·         Majority of stone import should now be reduced with works focusing on track upgrade and reinstatement;
·         All turbine components should be delivered to site mid to end of August.  This will allow any adopted highway widening works to be reinstated.

Update on Camilty
at this stage.There is unlikely to be any movement on Camilty until the ROC rush has abated – probably in 2017. If there is any update in the meantime, I’ll be sure to get in touch.

npwa map of windfarms


Please refer to map above.
Site # 5 -- Pates Hill
Currently operating as a seven mast site.
Contributing Community Benefit to the West Lothian Development Trust.
Reports of a ‘proposed extension’ are as yet unconfirmed.
February 2013 Site #6 Pearie Law -- The Public Consultation period is now over but the docs may still be inspected upon request at West Calder Library. This application will now be considered by WLC Planning Dept who are formulating their response. WLC will publish information re any decision making meetings. Anyone who responded to the application will be notified directly by WLC.
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Site # 7 – Harburnhead
On 13th December 2011 a formal application for a 22 mast Wind Farm Development was formally lodged with the Scottish Government on behalf of Messrs Enel Viento S.L., a private company. The agents acting on their behalf are Messrs Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting Ltd, and the contact person is Dr Paul Phillips.
Contact details as follows:- Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting Ltd
Suite 2F, Swinegate Court East, 3 Swinegate, York, YO1 8AJ
Office: 01904 715 470 
Mobile: 07828 529 831
Email: paulp@arcusrenewables.co.ukPre July 2012

In early 2012 as part of the formal consultation process meetings with the Community were held in both Harburn and West Calder. In addition representatives of Enel Viento S.L. and Arcus REC Ltd made a presentation to a special meeting of WC&HCC in January. Community Benefit. The developer is in negotiations with West Lothian Council where the matter of Community Benefit will be considered. In addition to Community Benefit the developer, Enel Viento S.L., has expressed a willingness to offer an investment opportunity to members of the local community to invest in the Wind farm Development if it is approved. No further details available at this time.

In excess of 600 objections have been lodged with the Scottish Government opposing the development. The matter is now being considered by them and a decision is awaited as to whether the application is approved / rejected / referred to a public enquiry. Site # 8 Camilty This site is owned by the Forestry Commission. Their agents, Messrs Partnerships for Renewables (PFR), are still undertaking scoping studies and have no plans to make application for a development at this time. Messrs PFR are willing to come and discuss the matter with the local community in early summer.

Site # 8 -- Camilty

Information has been received that Messrs PFR will be submitting an application to erect a 6 Masted Wind Farm on this site. A pre-application public information /consultation will be held in Harburn Village Hall on 20th February between the hours of 2.00pm and 8.00pm. A similar meeting will be held in West Calder Community Centre -- Date to be confirmed.

Site# 9 -- FauchHill

Notification has been received fro the Scottish Government to call a Public Enquiry to determine this application. A Reporter has been appointed to undertake this task. All those who lodged comments re this application will be contacted directly by the reporters office. Update July 3 2012 Work was began, circa 1st July, on a Scoping Report for a 14 fourteen mast site at Camilty.  WC&HCC are meeting developers to invite them to make an initial presentation in Harburn Hall in the not too distant future. Date and time to be confirmed and will be widely circulated.

Site # 9 Fauch Hill

This site straddles the border between Kirknewton Community Council and West Calder & Harburn Community Council. At a meeting of WLC Executive Committee on 24th June, WLC decided not to support the application of the Messrs EFRG to Develop the Fauch Hill site. Previously West Calder & Harburn Community Council had lodged an objection to the development.  The matter will now be referred to the Scottish Government who can now take one of three courses of action. [A] to approve; [B] to reject; or [C] to refer the matter to the Reporter for a public enquiry.

All those who have formally responded to this application will receive notification of the next steps from the Scottish Government.

February 2013Site #11 Harrows Law -- Following a public enquiry the development of this site was refused. The Developers are considering their position.
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February 2013